Dining & Meal Plans

Dining and meal plans

We offer a variety of food choices and dining plans to accommodate students' lifestyles and schedules.

Bison Café

Located in the Bennett Campus Center, the Bison Café offers a variety of freshly prepared food selections and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a cafeteria setting. Hours vary by the school year calendar.

On-campus Food Court

Within Bennett, students can also find more fast-food options, including Chick-fil-AStarbucks, Blue Coast Burrito, Papa John's Pizza, Creekstone Burger Company and more. You can use Dining Dollars, Bison Cash, Cash or Visa at these locations.

Bison Cash

The new Bison Cash program was created for Lipscomb University Students, Faculty and Staff to be the ultimate complement to the university dining experience. With Bison Cash, your campus ID card can be used at all on-campus Lipscomb Dining locations. You, your friends and family will be able to reload the funds online 24/7. Bison Cash is available for purchase online at https://shop-lipscomb.sodexomyway.com. If you are needing to check your Bison Cash balance, please contact Donna Shepherd at 615-966-1647 or donna.shepherd@sodexo.com

What is the difference between Bison Cash and Dining Dollars?

If you purchase a meal plan, dining dollars are attached to the plan. Bison Cash may be purchased as an addition to Dining Dollars and can be refilled throughout the year. Dining Dollars and Bison Cash are for on-campus Lipscomb Dining locations only. Dining dollars carry over from Fall to Spring semester with the purchase of a Spring meal plan but expire at the end of the Spring semester. Bison Cash will rollover from semester to semester and year to year until graduation. Neither Bison Cash nor Dining Dollars are refundable.

Meal Plans 2018-2019

  • Bison Stampede (14 dining hall meals a week with $500 Dining Dollars) $2,726 *not available to first year freshmen.  
  • Bison Herd (12 dining hall meals a week with $600 Dining Dollars) $2,550 *not available to first year freshmen. **All students, with the exception of freshman, those living in Bison Hall, The Village or those having senior hours will automatically be assigned this meal plan. This includes transfer students. If you have been assigned the Herd, but wish to have a different plan, please fill out the meal plan form below.
  • Bison Traveler (7 dining hall meals a week with $650 Dining Dollars) $2,362 *not available to first year freshmen 
  • Bison Four (4 dining hall meals a week with $500 Dining Dollars) $1,626 *seniors only (90+hours)
  • The Village Residents (all dining dollars) $1,206 *Village and Bison Hall residents only
  • The Freshman Commuter (45 meals and $75 dining dollars) $435.00 *freshman commuters only
  • Unlimited Freshman Experience I (with $425 Dining Dollars) $2,744 *You do not have to be a freshman to have this plan
  • Unlimited Freshman Experience II (with $250 Dining Dollars) $2,552 *All Freshman students will be automatically assigned this meal plan. If you wish, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Freshman Experience I by filling out the form below.  **You do not have to be a freshman to have this plan

Important Meal Plan Information 

For your billing convenience a meal plan is automatically added to your account when you are assigned in a residence hall. Bison Hall and Village residence are assigned a village meal plan. Seniors are assigned the Bison Four Senior meal plan. Freshman are assigned the Unlimited Freshman with $250.00 dining dollars. All other students living on campus are assigned the Herd. If you are satisfied with the automated meal plan, you do not need to fill the form out below. 

Dining Dollars will roll from fall to spring as long as a meal plan is purchased for the spring. Dining Dollars will expire at the end of the spring semester. 

Meals are only for the student who has purchased them. 


First-time, incoming freshmen (those who are attending college for their first full year) are required to purchase a Freshman Experience plan.

Bison Four is for Seniors (90+ hours) only. 

The Village Plan is for Village and Bison Hall residents only.

Meal Plans cannot be adjusted (dropped or changed) after the first week of school has concluded. 

If you would like information about Bison Cash, click here.

For more information regarding pricing for room and board, click here.

Meal Plan Form

Please fill out this form to select your meal plan.
If you are an on campus student you are required to have a meal plan assignment. NOTE: The Unlimited Experience plans are required for anyone with less than 24 credit hours. Bison Four, The Commuter, and The Village meal plans are only available to students matching those criteria (seniors by hours, freshman living off campus, or Village residents, respectively). If you choose a meal plan for which you are ineligible, you will not receive that plan. Please check your student account before you return in August to avoid any meal plan issues. For your convenience, as soon as you are assigned a room, you are automatically assigned the appropriate meal plan. You only need to select a new meal plan if you would like to make a change.